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The “Happiness at Work” newsletter

By June 30, 2010April 19th, 2024Uncategorized

Aside from the CEO blog, there are some pretty awesome HR Blogs out there.

One of my favourites is Alexander Kjerulf’s blog,

Author, speaker and consultant, Alexander calls himself the “Chief Happiness Officer” and is “the world’s leading expert on happiness at work.”

The premise of his site is simply that work doesn’t have to be hard and unpleasant. In his own words, “work can be energizing, meaningful, inspiring and plain old fun.” These are values that Career Edge Organization and our host employers share.

Regular features includes Monday tips and “Ask the CHO” where Alexander answers real questions from real people about all things HR and work-related.

Today, the Chief Happiness Officer introduced a newsletter which promises to deliver inspiration, information and fun on a monthly basis. You can visit his sight and sign up for the newsletter here.

One Career Edge Organization host employer who truly embraces happiness at work is a company called “Happy Worker,” whom we featured in our quarterly newsletter last year.

In the article, Heidi Bedore describes her experience as an intern at Happy Worker, where “being happy is a job requirement.” Following her internship, Heidi, a naturally happy person who exudes positive energy (as you can see here in our photo shoot with Heidi) landed a permanent role at Happy Worker as Director of Business Development. Not bad for a recent grad!

According to Heidi, a key part of her work happiness and subsequent success in her internship was her “cultural fit with Happy Worker.”

Speaking of “fit” and newsletters…

Fit – an individuals alignment with the organization’s value and culture – will be the focus of our upcoming issue of CareerBulletin, Career Edge Organization’s quarterly e-Newsletter.

The issue will explore the importance of fit in a recovering economy, key elements of fit, challenges employers may face and most importantly tips on how to attract and hire the right people for your organization.

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