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On this Halloween, don’t be the office trick – be a treat.

As the creepiest day of the year creeps upon us, our new grads and newcomers need to know the Halloween do’s and don’ts, because office Halloween parties can be scary. If you’re new to corporate Halloween etiquette, these are some do’s and don’ts you need to remember this October to survive:


Participate and engage

Use your best judgement for office festivities. Adapt to the situation if your company is dressing up in costume and bringing in treats. You can network and build work relationships with people outside of your core group or department. Loosen up!


Pick your costume cautiously

Choose a sensible costume – something suitable enough to wear in front of your grandmother. Your costume reflects you and your personality. Bring out your spirit, energy, and creativity.


Bring treats!

Show some spirit by treating your colleague to treats. A bag of chips, a tray of cookies, or some chocolates can earn some appreciation from your coworkers. Don’t forget to consider allergies. Asking your coworkers about food sensitivities earlier could earn you major points!


Be an outcast

Avoid the office no-fun, party-pooper status. This is your opportunity to strengthen your relationships at work and showcase who you are outside of work. Know someone who wants to join without a costume idea? Include them by suggesting team costume ideas.


Upset your coworkers

Don’t wear anything too scary or distracting. Stay away from religious, political, racial or oppressive costumers – anything controversial. Play it safe.


Commit immature pranks

Refrain from anything traumatizing, dangerous, or embarrassing. Go for harmless, fun desk décor, like cubicle cob webs or mini pumpkins. Think of the company culture and determine what is appropriate. Ask someone senior before you start jello-fying every stapler in the office.