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Miranda Bashir

Volunteering for Jobseekers

By Jobseeker

Volunteering for Jobseekers: How to boost your resume during the winter break

Volunteering is so great for so many different reasons. Whether you need to: get volunteer hours done or are in-between jobs and looking to help a great cause or looking to gain some valuable experience to boost your resume to become job ready.

During the winter break especially is a great way to boost your resume. It helps you gain valuable experience while finding something to do over the winter break that’s different from binge watching Netflix. Read More

Virtual Reality in Human Resources

By Employer
Early virtual reality began in the 1950s by Morton Heilig, and since has evolved into a massive and increasingly growing market, being utilized for more wide-range purposes outside of just video games — like education, shopping, healthcare, and even space. That’s right, SPACE (Read more about it here). Read More


Elements of a Great Workplace

By Employer, Jobseeker

For the past 19 years, Canada’s Top 100 Employers has compiled a list of the leading employers in their respective industries. The evaluation consists of eight standard selection criteria used to determine winners. Let’s dive into the eight criteria to see what the best companies practice. Read More

Halloween Do’s and Don’ts

By Succeed in your Job

On this Halloween, don’t be the office trick – be a treat.

As the creepiest day of the year creeps upon us, our new grads and newcomers need to know the Halloween do’s and don’ts, because office Halloween parties can be scary. If you’re new to corporate Halloween etiquette, these are some do’s and don’ts you need to remember this October to survive: Read More

Instagram for Jobseekers

By Jobseeker

Instagram isn’t merely Kim K selfies and rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches. If you use it right, you’ll get your selfie game up – and your job game right. Today, there’s no shortage of hard workers, team players, or expectation exceeders looking for jobs. To stand out and be memorable after an interview, you need to do more. Here’s how to get your Instagram game – and job game – right: Read More

How to Dress for Success

By Interviewing

Dressing for an interview can be just as important as the experiences on your resume. Which is why today we’re covering the in-and-outs of dressing for success.

In the year of 2018, freedom of expression and self-expression through fashion is encouraged, but when it comes to interviewing, some guidelines can help you to get ahead.



Before talking outfits, we need to take a step back to the essentials. Hygiene. A well groomed and maintained hygiene can go a long way. A clean manner will leave a solid first impression before you are able to get a single word out.

Hygiene is also an essential and will leave a positive impression on your interviewers and may even give you a bit of an upper hand in a highly competitive job market. Not that you need to be a fashion stylist to land the job but this is your opportunity to be seen as a the chic, sophisticated, modern boss that you are.

Some Necessities

  • Maintained and well-groomed facial hair
  • Collared shirt (tucked in preferred)
  • Dress pants
  • Dress shoes


  • Blazer
  • Tie, tie clip

General Tips!

  • Dress for the weather! If it is extremely hot outside, then maybe ditch the blazer and opt out of a white shirt.
  • Iron your clothes, no one like a wrinkly candidate (It comes off as unprofessional and messy)
  • Take a shower to be fresh, but avoid heavy cologne because you interviewer may be allergic to scents
  • Take a notebook and pen for notes, and a copy of your resume and cover letter (just in case)
  • Do your research on the company norms (if everyone dresses casual everyday then it’s a bad idea to go in a full suit, opt for a business casual outfit.)

Some Necessities

  • Hair is clean and maintained neatly
  • Business casual statement dress (work appropriate)
  • Blazer paired with blouses/dress/button downs
  • Dress pants or skirts
  • Peep-toe shoes, flats, heels with moderate height
  • Classic black dress with tights/nylons


  • Light tasteful jewelry such as a watch, simple earrings
  • A clear lip-gloss to highlight your natural features

General Tips!

  • Avoid low cut tops, short dresses, see through clothing
  • Avoid excessive perfume and heavy scents
  • Avoid heavy distracting makeup and opt for a more natural soft look
  • Dress for the weather, throw an extra blazer in your bag if it gets chilly in the office where you are interviewing

Unwritten Rules of the Workplace

By Succeed in your Job

Your first day of work can be exciting. You tour the office, eat lunch with the team, learn about employee perks like Fun Friday, review the workplace’s written rules – and then realize these rules clash with the unwritten rules.

The unwritten rules are different at every organization. By quickly recognizing these de facto policies, you’ll acclimate to the organization quicker, giving yourself a greater opportunity of achieving success at the workplace.

An example of an unwritten rule is the daily working hours. In a typical scenario, the formal policy dictates I work 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. but it’s half past four and no one’s left. If I leave first, will my boss think I was lying when I said I was hard-working in the interview? This concept may be hard to grasp and navigate for a newcomer to Canada – or anyone new to the workforce – trying to launch a career in their new country.

The common mistake is transferring all office etiquette from your previous workplace to the current company because unwritten rules often depend on the leadership and the other ‘office influencers.’ Some open-door policies may mean “Come in whenever, or let’s go for a coffee and chat” while other interpretations are “Come in whenever, but make sure you schedule it on the calendar.” Both these CEOs boast reasonable and similar open-door policies but offer different approaches.

What do you do when you’re unsure?

As Marilyn vos Savant, says “To acquire wisdom, one must observe” so sit tight and watch closely for the workplace norms.