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In anticipation of the approaching National Matchmaker Day, we’re blogging a two-part series on matchmaking for employers and matchmaking for jobseekers.

Matchmaker: Why selecting the right employer is as important as finding ‘the one’

Corporate culture – a popular buzzword for some, and a crucial factor for others. But, how important is corporate culture and work relationships for jobseekers?

Apparently, very.

Making sure your company is a perfect match is as important as finding “the one”. You spend as much time around your new employer as you will with your significant other. You’ve done your background research on the company and prepared for your first day. You hold core principles you’re looking to find in the work environment. You have a culture type in mind (Clan culture? Adhocracy culture? Market culture? Hierarchy culture?) If you say you don’t, you’re probably lying.

What value does a strong employer-employee relationship provide for the jobseeker?

As the modern workplace evolves, culture fit is becoming increasingly important, affecting the employee tenure. When choosing an employer, a jobseeker should pick an organization they feel they’d belong in, which will generate more productivity and satisfaction.

Corporate culture is the company’s personality brought to life. Like having a ‘type’ in the dating universe – the gentle romantic or dangerous rebel – each company cultivates its values, culture and, expectations.

If you enjoy spending your weekends with friends and family, you won’t establish a successful career if the norm includes regularly working late or on weekends.

Do you surround yourself with social butterflies or lone wolves? If you love interaction, you likely prefer a company with a team-based culture that eats lunch together as opposed to a company where employees eat at their desk, complete their work, and bolt to the door at 5 p.m.

In a relationship you look for… At work you look for…
Good personality Good corporate culture
Open communication Transparency
Autonomy Flexible management
Balance Work/life balance
Long-term potential Long-term growth

You’re more likely to enjoy a relationship when you ‘fit’ the other party. At work, you’ll experience greater enjoyment if you strongly align with the corporate culture. Given the amount of time you spend on the job, work is more than a paycheck. Like Tinder (or Bumble or Grindr) matching, finding compatibility for your personality and skill set is crucial. If you’re incompatible with the corporate culture, swipe left and keep looking! Visit to learn how Career Edge can launch your career!