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Volunteering for Jobseekers: How to boost your resume during the winter break

Volunteering is so great for so many different reasons. Whether you need to: get volunteer hours done or are in-between jobs and looking to help a great cause or looking to gain some valuable experience to boost your resume to become job ready.

During the winter break especially is a great way to boost your resume. It helps you gain valuable experience while finding something to do over the winter break that’s different from binge watching Netflix.


Who will you meet?


What will you learn?


What will you gain?

Not graduating after the winter break? Well this could be your opportunity to connect with people who may be offering internships over the summer that you may be interested in, or better yet full-time openings that will open up through the year. Volunteering is the perfect way to make connections, it demonstrates that you take initiative and are dedicated to using your skills to help others.

Volunteering is a great way to acquire new skills and improve your current skill set. From learning how to work in a team setting to communicating with different stakeholders. This can improve your overall confidence and give you something to speak about in an interview. It also gives you a chance to use the knowledge you learned in school and apply it to real-world settings.

Having trouble applying to jobs after graduation? Stand out from the crowd by adding some volunteer experience to your resume. Its a great way to try something new and explore your career interests by gaining experience in that industry. You will gain meaningful experience and work on real-life projects that you can use to differentiate yourself from other students in an interview.