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If you’re a business owner soon to start a new fiscal year, consider these simple-to-practice but often-ignored HR tips. Listening to, retaining, and adding ‘diverse’ employees could resolve your problems from the last fiscal.

Listen to your employees

Your employees know what your clientele want – so listen. Since many of them work as the first impressions of your business, customers often inform them of your company’s most glaring needs. The recommendations that your consumers offer to your junior-level employees are much more insightful than what your high-level staff members merely believe that your organization needs.

Focus on retaining your employees

Most companies know staff retention contributes to winning, but many organizations ignore these winning strategies. Take time to learn about the ever-changing needs of an ever-changing workforce. Every employee has their own personalized set of requirements so customize your retention strategies. Instead of making assumptions that what’s worked in the past will endure – and then proceeding to instruct them of these needs, ask them what they want. Decreasing employee turnover decreases time spent on hiring which creates more time to empower your current employees.

Add culture through new ‘diverse’ employees

Diverse teams are the winning teams. Successful organizations have different opinions, ideas, and fewer ‘yes people’. Carefully assess your hiring process to identify any unconscious bias. These limitations may inhibit your company’s diversity and inclusion. If your system places excessive focus on ‘culture fit’, your organization is missing out on potentially strong ‘culture adds’.

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