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Career Edge will always be here for you!

For recent graduates, late June may appear to be the ‘end of an era.’ You’re trading in your sweatpants for a suit or blazer. You’re trading your red cup for a cover letter and resumé. You’re trading your late-night Thursdays outings for early-morning weekends online.

If these sound daunting, and the rain starts to pour, Career Edge will always be here for you.

If you’re a recent graduate, here are some tips for your job hunt:

  • Extras: Let employers know about the soft skills you have, and the life experiences that you have gone through, which will separate you from other candidates
  • Goals: Figuring out your long-term objectives will help you focus on your short-term objectives
  • Networking: “Network! Go to any networking events and speak to as many people as you can – and then connect on LinkedIn” – Career Edge recruiter Andreea Cotcaru
  • Skills: It’s never too late to improve your employability – take advantage of the free time and any free resources to continue learning
  • Customize: Always tailor your resume and cover letter to the job you’re applying for – check out Career Edge’s checklist for writing resumés and cover letters
  • Social Media: ‘Clean’ your online presence to show employers what you want them to see, and hide anything you don’t want them to see
  • Career Services: “Take full advantage of all of the opportunities offered through your university or college’s alumni services. Go to any networking events, presentations, etc. because you never know who you’re going to meet and connect with. You might find someone who’s hiring for your dream job!” – Career Edge recruiter Michelle McNabb.
  • Positivity: Stay positive and take a break! If no one told you life was gonna be this way, Career Edge will always be here for you.

Career Edge connects job seekers to leading employers with paid internships in their field of study to acquire: (1) ongoing coaching and mentoring, (2) on-the-job learning and education, (3) knowledge, and (4) networking opportunities.

If you’re a recent graduate, visit Career Edge’s current opportunities to kick-start your career with a leading employer through a paid internship.