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As a part of a team, you could get along with some leaders more than others. Ever wondered why?

That’s mainly because you might have a different or non-complimentary Leadership style.

As a team member, it’s crucial to understand which leadership style you work best under. This knowledge will empower you to communicate your preferences and collaborate more effectively with your leaders.

Discover the collective leadership style that drives your team’s success with our Leadership Style For Teams Quiz!

Understanding your preferred leadership dynamics can foster better collaboration, enhance communication, and maximize productivity.

In this quiz, you and your team members will answer a series of 17 questions, each offering five different answers. As your team participates, they’ll gain valuable insights into their leadership tendencies, helping them align their strengths for better teamwork.

The five main leadership styles are Authoritative Leadership, Democratic Leadership, Transformational Leadership, Laissez-faire Leadership, and Servant Leadership.

Learn more about the different leadership styles and how to match yours with leaders here.

Now let’s get to the fun part…

Please read each statement carefully and pick the closest statement you can relate to. Be honest with your answers, as this will help you better understand which leadership style you work best under.

Curious about your leader’s leadership style? Send them this leadership style quiz.