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In recognition of International Day of Persons with Disabilities today and the passing of the Accessible Canada Act last week, Leo Luk, our senior recruiter specializing in screening and assisting jobseekers with disabilities, shares his five tips on how employers can make accommodations for persons with disabilities at the workplace:

“Some disabilities are visible, some are not. Understanding different types of disabilities and eliminating bias surrounding disabilities is necessary. Many organizations like the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work provide training services for companies that would like to hire a person with a disability.”
“Workplace accommodation isn’t as complicated as you may think. Many companies have already implemented workplace accommodations like flexible hours, ergonomic chairs/keyboards etc. There are a lot of software programs and devices that accommodate employees with different types of disabilities.”
“Approximately two thirds of workplace accommodations cost under $500; many cost nothing at all (Human Rights Commission). Remember, not every person with a disability requires an accommodation at work.”
“Focus on the person, not the disability or disabilities. Your employees were hired because they have the skills to do the job.”
“Have open, relaxed, and respectful communication with employees with disabilities. If you’re not confident, ask your Human Resources department for assistance.”

In case you missed it, read what Leo and Florence Chapman, CEO at Canadian Business SenseAbility, said during National AccessAbility Week.