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Immersed in every prolonged job search, are seemingly endless days.

And in between every grueling day, are breaks for reducing stress.

And during stress-reducing breaks, are a few mornings spent flipping through channels.

And during channel-flipping mornings, are a few minutes of “Let’s Make a Deal”.

If you can learn anything from the popular game show, or its brother and sister versions “Khullja Sim Sim” and “Trato Hecho”, it’s that there’s a prize behind every door.

Every contestant picks between doors and leaves with a prize, but your job search gives you better odds of choosing the right prize when you explore the hidden job market. Unlike Let’s Make a Deal, your job search doesn’t force you to pick between two doors and their hidden prizes. Your job search holds infinite doors and reveals these prizes, but it’s your responsibility to open as many as possible, by applying for as many relevant jobs as possible.

If you’re having difficulty finding the right role, analyze your skill set and remain open-minded. As improvements in technology accelerate, some jobs are eliminated while others are created. Since many job titles don’t change, some don’t reflect the entirety of the position’s responsibilities. It’s important to carefully read through descriptions and postings because you’ll miss out on jobs requiring skills you possess. Many hiring managers may consider you the best candidate for a job, even if the job title doesn’t align with your previous headlines. If you restrict yourself to a job title, you may miss out on roles that create more for you later in your career:

More Skills

You can learn new abilities and expand your skill set, to position yourself for an uncertain job economy.

More Interests

Your employer could move you to a different team where your skills are better utilized, and into a position you may find more rewarding.

More Relationships

You can meet many new people working in a new organization and the personal connections you develop could help you find your next job when you’re ready to move.

But, don’t apply for every job – apply for only relevant positions. If you apply for too many unrelated jobs outside your skills and qualifications, you’re telling employers you don’t care to read or understand the job responsibilities. Make sure every application is submitted with a customized cover letter and customized resume. The amount of time and effort spent on each application generally reflects your level of interest in the position.

Your job search is like Let’s Make a Deal, but your number of doors depends on you. Remain open-minded and apply for more relevant jobs.

There’s a prize behind every door, but how many will you open?