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Feel like you’re suffering from a work/life imbalance? You’re not alone.

We’re in the middle of Mental Health Awareness Month, but it’s never too late to bring the issue of workplace stress to your attention.

The Canadian Mental Health Association reported that 58% of Canadians feel an “overload” resulting from “pressures associated with work, home and family, friends, physical health, volunteer and community service.” The organization defines stress as the ‘body’s response to a real or perceived threat.’ 


To manage stress, you must first identify its source. Stress can develop from inside the workplace, or it can be created from outside and brought to the workplace. Some common sources of stress include parenting, transitions, finances, relationships, a work/life imbalance, or any major life events. Stress can also accumulate from daily activities.

Although stress can’t be eliminated or prevented altogether, it doesn’t always have to produce a negative outcome. It can encourage us to take action to decrease its effects in the future.

How Career Edge’s recruiters de-stress

“I bake/cook when I’m stressed ’cause there’s something about following clear-cut instructions, preparing ingredients, and putting everything together in an orderly fashion that makes me forget about what I was even stressed about in the first place… and the end product is food…so why not?” – Candice

“I typically do one of three things: bake, yoga, or sleep. If all else fails, I address the problem head-on to eliminate the stress.” – Michelle

Remember: there isn’t a single correct solution to manage stress. Everyone is different. Try different solutions to see what’s most effective for you.


So with the long weekend upcoming, and gradually increasing temperatures, why not take advantage of the extra day and warmer weather before you return to work? Here are some de-stressing outdoor (and indoor) activities that can be enjoyed either with others or alone, along with some tips to keep in mind while you enjoy your long weekend.


Beach – You can organize a team sport like volleyball, toss a frisbee back and forth, or plan a picnic for everyone to enjoy…OR you can take in the sunny rays, absorb Vitamin D, and read some chapters of a book on your reading list. (Apply sunscreen and drink plenty of liquids.)

Shopping – If retail therapy is your thing, gather a group of friends and check some items off that shopping list you’ve neglected…OR you can sit in the comfort of your own home, a quiet coffee shop, or the silent section of the library, and browse online to avoid the congestion of the overcrowded malls. (Try to set a budget.)

Hiking – Take a walk in the park, or trek the local trails with some family…OR you can take a solo stroll and practice yoga or meditate in solitude at somewhere peaceful but safe. (Wear comfortable footwear and bring first aid materials.)

Movie/TV Marathon – Spend a few hours with some company at the local theatre or drive-in and watch the latest summer blockbuster, or a classic…OR stay in bed and turn on your favourite series/film. (Take short breaks in between each episode or movie.)

Advice from Career Edge’s recruiters

“Hike, get out of the city, hang out with family or friends and do something with them so that you’re not thinking about work, whatever it is that is stressing you out…get distracted” – Michelle

“I make sure to put my phone on airplane mode so that I can get away for a little bit. If it’s gross out, then I try to go to the gym. If I’m super lazy then I watch a movie or binge watch a TV show.” – Candice