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Deloitte’s 2019 report surveyed 13,416 millennials from 42 countries and 3,009 Gen Zs across 10 countries. Here are some key learnings:

The top aspiration was travelling and seeing the world at 57% and the second-highest was owning a home at 49%.
The second-highest ambition was earning a high salary and being wealthy at 52%.
Societal Challenges
Among 20 options, ‘climate change, protecting the environment, and natural disasters’ ranked highest at 29%.
Economic Sentiment
26% predict their country’s economy will improve next year.
Personal Finances
More than half of millennials believe their personal finances will worsen or stay the same.
Social Progress
Two-thirds of millennials think some people never receive a fair opportunity for success regardless of how hard they study and work, due to their backgrounds.
Business Priorities
35% of millennials believe businesses should prioritize generating jobs, 32% improving society and 27% improving and protecting the environment.
Business Leaders
26% of millennials don’t trust business leaders for reliable and accurate information.
49% of millennials believe new technology will augment their jobs.
Industry 4.0
Approximately 70% believe they may only possess some or few of the skills required for Industry 4.0.
Worker Preparation
Millennials feel businesses (30%) should prepare workers, while Gen Zs put the onus on educational institutions (36%).
49% of millennials said – if they had a choice – they would quit their current jobs in the next 24 months.
Gig Economy
6% of millennials chose the gig economy over working full time.
Organizational Politics
29% of millennials retreated from an organization because of behavior or comments of a company leader.
Social Media
54% of Gen Zs feel social media creates more harm than good.