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This is part two of our Myers-Briggs Personality Type in the Workplace series, where we help break down all 16 of the Myers-Briggs personality types that fall under the four main personality categories – the Analysts, the Diplomats, the Sentinels, and the Explorers. Check out part one to learn more about the Analysts and why understanding your team members’ personality types can be helpful for your team and organization.

The Diplomats

The individuals that thrive on human connection and creativity

Advocator (INFJ)

Advocates are quite independent and do best in roles where they can express their creative, idealistic, and artistic side. These individuals thrive in roles that match their values and allow them independence. They make great writers, artists, musicians, photographers, and designers.  These individuals are highly non-confrontational so they would not fare well in competitive environments or roles. As long as their work is meaningful, impactful and making a difference, this will bring the most satisfaction to Advocates.

Mediator (INFP)

Mediators are great communicators. Their way with words is unparalleled and their ability to understand others is what helps them flourish. Like the other diplomats, these individuals strive for harmony and are driven by their beliefs and principles. Like Campaigners, finding a career that fits their idealistic ways can be difficult especially when the things they want to do require them to work towards it over a long period of time. Mediators gravitate towards service-related roles as they can see the impact they have first-hand.

Protagonist (ENFJ)

Probably the most altruistic Myers-Briggs personality type out there. These individuals are the most caring individuals and thrive in roles where they can help others. Any role that allows for them to help or encourage growth within someone else is ideal for them. They make great HR Administrators, counselors, advisors, teachers, and social workers. They are sensitive to other’s needs and, therefore, also make great salespeople. Any career that would require them to make life-changing decisions would be difficult for Protagonists. Knowing that the decision they make can affect someone else’s life to such a great capacity would bring about a lot of stress and anxiety.

Campaigner (ENFP)

The World is Your Oyster. These individuals do not necessarily have the problem of not knowing what they want to do. Rather, they have the problem of having too many things they can do. These individuals are sociable and compassionate, they get along well with others and can see the bigger picture in things. They do well in roles that require daily human interaction and that enable them to use their ability to see things from different perspectives to bring upon new ideas and methodologies.  These individuals make for great consultants and entrepreneurs.

The Sentinels

The individuals that thrive on order and stability

Logisticians (ISTJ)

Dependability. That is what Logisticians seek. These individuals strive for stable careers that are respectable and provide consistency and security. Many individuals that are in the military or work in law enforcement and even in accounting would be Logisticians. Logisticians thrive best in roles that are clear cut with facts and little ambiguity, in roles that require analyzing data sets. They are highly objective and see things clearly, and act based on these observations.

Consul (ESFJ)

For Consuls, attentive to detail, respect for structure, and caring for the people around them is key. These individuals are great at bringing order to organizations and the people involved. They make great administrators, counselors, teachers, personal accountants, and human resources professionals. Consuls love working with others while maintaining structure, and they find motivation in knowing they were able to help others and make a difference.

Executive (ESTJ)

As the name suggests, these individuals make great leaders. They are known for their dependability and ability to follow through. They make great project managers and are loyal employees. They find the most joy in traditional work environments where there is structure and hierarchy. Executives have goals they want to reach and love to grow within an organization. Careers within law enforcement and the military also speak to this personality type as there are defined ranks that allow them to work towards the career they want to strive for.

Defender (ISFJ)

Defenders are the individuals we know who are caring, welcoming, warm, and dependable. They are service-oriented and customer-focused. They are humble and do not seek recognition. They find fulfilment in seeing how others benefit from their efforts. Defenders thrive in support roles, caregiver roles, human resources, interior designers and as nurses. They remember the little details and care for others and are the colleague you can always count on. These individuals are well-liked and provide a sense of comfort to others.

The Explorers

The individuals that thrive on spontaneity & flexibility

Virtuoso (ISTP)

The Practical Problem Solvers. These individuals thrive in seeing how things come about and together. Their curiosity and practical personality type make them great mechanics, first responders, graphic designers, engineers, and forensics scientists. The freedom that comes with entrepreneurship is also highly sought after by Virtuoso individuals. They thrive on being able to have flexibility in all things in their life.

Entrepreneur (ESTP)

Action, Action, Action! That is the keyword for this personality type. They are quick thinkers and can put thoughts into action plans very quickly. They live in the moment, and any role that requires competition is where they thrive. Whether it be acting, sports, sales, or business negotiations, this personality thrives and lives for the risk.

Adventurer (ISFP)

Thinking outside of the box is the go-to for this personality type. These individuals are idealistic and enjoy going against the grain. They want to “explore and experiment” – they want to see what is out there and the explore the ways in which they can reinvent existing systems. Adventurers are sensitive to criticism and value harmony, so it is important to provide constructive criticism to these individuals in a harmonious and mature manner. Ideal career paths for Adventurers are one that allow them to live in the moment and have creative freedom.

Entertainer (ESFP)

The name itself is quite self-explanatory, but the biggest factor of success for this personality type is finding a work culture or environment that is conducive to them. They mirror the environment that they are in and are sensitive to the way others feel. Careers that are repetitive in nature, data driven or extremely technical would be a challenge for Entertainers. However, they would make great medical professionals, sales representatives, event and trip planners, and account managers. Entertainers thrive working with people and want to connect and get to know them.