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If you’re thinking of relocating for work, answer these questions:

Do I need this?

Is this opportunity better than my current situation?

Will this help my family?

Could this opportunity improve the livelihoods of my spouse and children?

How do I feel about the company?

Could this opportunity lead to a secure, full-time position that gives me the chance to advance within this organization?

What’s the next job?

Does this city’s employment market offer attractive opportunities for my next position?

Am I excited to live in this city?

Will I enjoy my life outside the office?

Am I ready?

Am I prepared for change that drastically impacts my life and anyone coming with me?

Atlantic Canada

We’re exploring adding more career-launching paid internship opportunities east of Quebec! If you’re interested in the possibility of relocating to Atlantic Canada to launch your career and break your ‘no experience, no job’ cycle, please forward your resumé to with the subject line ‘Atlantic Canada’. Stay tuned for further updates!