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In recognition of National Social Media Day (June 30), here are ten skills you might have learned from using social media and may consider listing on your resume:

Creative Writing

Have you ever composed a witty caption (and then break a nervous smile waiting for likes)?

Image/Video Editing

Have you ever sliced together a video or removed blemishes from a picture?

Data Analysis

Have you ever interpreted your profile insights to tailor content for your audience?

Time Management

Have you ever scheduled posts on multiple platforms?

Public Speaking

Have you ever appeared live on camera?


Have you ever taken photographs (that didn’t need a filter)?

Customer Relations

Have you ever replied professionally (and politely) to a follower’s negative comment?

Trend Spotting

Have you ever researched trending hashtags to generate content ideas?

Creative Thinking

Have you ever generated original content that became trending?

Audience Development

Have you ever become an influencer?