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A job search isn’t much different from finding ‘the one.’

You loved your first job but your friends and family didn’t approve. You loved your summer job but you knew it wouldn’t last. You applied to 50 jobs and received one interview. You got excited when they called you back for a second-round interview after the first. The internet always sends you recommended jobs based on your preferences. You’re in competition with international candidates for jobs.

But unlike romantic relationships, the best strategy to finding the perfect professional marriage is applying early.


According to a 2015 Glassdoor survey, the time to hire and time to fill are becoming longer. The duration between application and start date is based on several factors: location, screening requirements, company size, and job title.

If your goal is to start working in September, start your job search in July.

By starting early, you’ll have more time to network and apply…which will give you more options…which will give you more time to assess those options for employer-employee fit…which will help you find the perfect professional marriage.

Want to arrive early? Apply early.