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Read the story of Kyle and his perspective on life in Canada and his career ambitions!


Kyle Gray

Vice President, Finance and Operations

“The vision of a champion is someone bent over drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion, when no one else is watching.” – Anson Dorrance, former USA Women’s Soccer Coach.

Many years ago at the height of my soccer (or football as we call it) journey in Trinidad and Tobago, this quote was given to our team by one of our coaches; with the appendage of “When was the last time you felt that way?” Ever since that day, this quote has been a consistent mantra for everything I do.

This resonated with me for many reasons including its vivid yet simple illustration; its call for excellence, commitment to and development of a winning mindset.

While this originated as a sports metaphor; it can easily transcend the physical sports world into all aspects of life; including other career disciplines as well as many psychological areas. Many, if not all, leaders, students, newcomers, people with disabilities or individuals in general are fighting their own battles and literally or figuratively “drenched in sweat” in an attempt to win their own championships. Some as simple as making ends meet while others to ultimately lead the world.

As an aside but relevant, one of the things that I reflect on occasionally is the fact that many of our greatest battles won or victories secured will never be known….a discussion for another day….However, while as individuals we may achieve some great things, sometimes the true magic happens when groups of champions unite for a greater purpose.

At Career Edge, we have the awesome privilege to make a difference in many aspects of Canadian life, from partnering with like-minded companies to being thought leaders to also serving our diverse and dynamic candidates, ultimately driving value and making a difference in their lives.

Each time a new hire is made; a new relationship formed or an existing one strengthened; a new idea explored or another idea executed; we are one step closer to fulfilling our mission and impacting our community in a profound way.

Each day I am energized by our sense of purpose knowing that we have impacted thousands of lives and exponentially more via their families and communities in the past and present, and have the ability and opportunity to expand our impact significantly in the future.

I am also energized by our dynamic team who work tirelessly to make it all a success; stepping up even more during the pandemic and supporting each other; while we support our stakeholders.

Success happens when opportunity meets preparation and execution, creating lanes or stepping stones for our dreams and goals to become a reality. Today I challenge each and every one of us to explore the following and execute with uncompromising excellence.

What are you doing each day to impact the world from your sphere of influence; to add value, to make a difference? Peace and love everyone. Let’s continue to make a difference together and execute our individual and collective legacies of excellence.

And remember that we can all embody the vision of a champion…..

Over the coming months, hear stories right from our very own staff about why Career Edge and the work that they do is so important to them.