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Last January, we discussed artificial intelligence, passive candidates, video assessments, and more. This year, unlike the talent scarcity that’s got North American employers sweating, there’s no deficiency in emerging – and returning – recruitment trends for this decade’s remainder. As candidates continue wrestling leverage from employers, organizations will adapt accordingly to innovate their recruitment strategies, shielding top candidates from those prowling and pilfering competitors. It’s 2019 – the talent’s still hot, the recruitment battle’s hotter, and these are your 2019 recruitment trends!

Virtual Reality
Standardized testing, portfolio reviews, and hypothetical scenarios are no longer enough for some companies. More organizations are implementing virtual simulations to trim time and costs, while still ensuring candidates can perform complex tasks. Some companies are using advancing technologies to visually replicate their workspace for remote candidates, while many organizations have reconfigured their interview testing processes into a game that candidates can enjoy.
Freelance Sourcing
With the gig economy growing, many full-time workers are either delving into the freelance universe to earn a secondary income or leaving their full-time jobs outright to enjoy the flexibility. As primary freelancers struggle to secure a steady stream of income amid greater competition for precarious work, companies are sourcing top talent from the freelance pool with attractive compensation offers featuring a stable income and benefits package.
Mobile Recruitment
How does your organization’s postings page look on a mobile device? More jobseekers search, browse, and apply for jobs through the mobile interface daily. Candidates believe mobile recruitment is crucial and will become the most common approach in the next decade. Employers will need to accommodate for the newest generation of jobseekers by investing in the mobile user experience and optimizing the application process.
Structured Interviews
More employers will return to the unstructured interview style to avoid discriminating against candidates. An interview with a predetermined set of questions in the same order and allocation of time is objective, fair, and significantly reduces liability. Structured interviews are the most prevalent method and are still considered the most effective as they reduce bias. These cookie-cutter interviews aren’t perfect as diverse talent pools demand customization, but there is ample opportunity for enhancements through careful tailoring.
Candidate Coaching
Expect more start-up candidate coaching services tailoring their product toward Gen Z and younger millennials. The newest workforce additions slowly trickling into the talent pool bring a wealth of digital skills and a glaring void of face-to-face communication skills. Many employers will alter recruitment processes to accommodate for youth applicants preferring digitally exclusive communications, but those candidate coaching services will assist with the essentials like resume enhancement and LinkedIn profile optimization.
Employer Branding
Employer branding never ends. More companies will focus on recruitment marketing which starts – and ends with – with asking, ‘What do jobseekers want?’. In this era, candidates want compensation with benefits, work-life balance, and opportunities to make a difference and positively impact society.
Candidate Relationship Management
If it’s socially inappropriate to ‘ghost’ someone after a date, why is it acceptable after an interview? More companies are learning that candidates demand to know if they’ve been passed over for a position, so inform them promptly or they ­­­­– along with whomever they’ve shared their unprofessional experience with – will never return to your organization. If you’ve met in person, skip the automated reply because a brief call or personalized email is the minimum. More candidates have begun ghosting organizations, so organizations will start leading by example.
Employee Referrals
Recruitment’s hard, and employees talk.

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