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Health and Safety in the work place

Health & Safety While Working from Home

By Health and Safety in the work place

Working from home will be the trend until next year and with things becoming busier again, it’s important to ensure that proper health and safety measures are in place at home. This is important for not only our physical health but our mental health as well. Without a team to support you in person, it’s important to be aware of your work setup and explore how your organization can support your needs in any way. Read More

Self-Care During COVID-19

By Health and Safety in the work place

Prioritizing your mental health is vital, now more than ever, with dwindled social interactions, social distancing restrictions and closures, and constant (and sometimes stressful) pandemic news updates.

With many organizations now offering their services online to follow social-distancing recommendations, taking a moment for self-care, your mental health and well-being has become a little easier.

Here are some self care resources and activities to help you stay well:

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mental health awareness

Let’s Talk Mental Health: Candice Leung’s Story

By Health and Safety in the work place

When I was asked to write this blog post, I had no idea where to start. My mind went from being super excited, to being nervous and worried about writing the wrong thing, to not being sure as to what guidelines there were to follow. Were there any guidelines? How long did the article have to be? How many people would be reading this? How candid or professional did this have to be? What kind of implications could this have on my professional career? Would this article even be used for our blog? What a whirlwind of thoughts to have in 10 seconds but believe it or not, this is what my life is like every day. Read More


Bill 168 and workplace violence

By Health and Safety in the work place

We care. And it’s not just about “compliance.”

At Career Edge Organization, the health and safety of our employees is first and foremost. Our concern extends beyond the bodies in our National head office and includes the hundreds of interns that are working in our working for host employers across Canada at any given time.

So, when Bill 168 came into effect yesterday, we were ready.

Working in an office environment, it’s not an uncommon reaction for employees to brush the topic of workplace violence aside. You look around the room at your surrounding team and you cannot even fathom a risky situation taking place. I wondered – is violence in the workplace even an issue in Canada?

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