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It’s that time of year! The competition for bright, young talent is intense – and it’s already begun. Don’t have a campus recruitment team? Contact Career Edge and don’t miss out![/vc_row]

Your industry’s winners have one

It’s the first week of school and your competitors are out. They’re securing coachable, motivated, eager to learn and start graduating talent who will be ready to work on day one. They have what you don’t have – fresh perspectives and trendy ideas, a digital mastery and multi-tasking prowess, the desire to travel, an understanding of analytical decision-making, and the willingness to continue learning during their personal time. With little to no professional experience, they’re a blank canvas and you’re holding the palette. If you wait until graduation, you’ve lost them to the winners of your industry.

We’ll connect you directly

Career Edge will connect your organization with top graduating talent through a personal, direct communication line. We’re hosting an assortment of events that will bring final-year students and employers together through coffee chats, information sessions, case competitions, in-class presentations, networking, career fairs, panel speaking engagements, and more, creating meaningful relationships between top graduating talent and your organization. You’ll send job postings directly to student groups, campus job boards, career centres, accessibility centres, and alumni associations.

Get your name out

Have students heard of you? If the youth demographic is a segment of your target market, you’ll gain insight on individuals with spending power. Career Edge’s on-campus presence will extend your brand’s on-campus, increasing your brand’s awareness, exposure, and impressions within a valuable demographic.

We’ll find your perfect fit

Career Edge will match your company with top graduating talent (who also want the ‘perfect fit’) through assessments performed by our talent specialists. Our recruiters familiarize themselves with the intricacies of your organization and quickly compose a short list of diverse candidates from our pool. These jobseekers carrying different preferred sectors, industries, and sizes value the perfect fit as much as your company and are looking to work for a company like yours.

Contact Career Edge today and we’ll connect your organization to top talent looking for a company like yours!