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In anticipation of the approaching National Matchmaker Day, we’re blogging a two-part series on matchmaking for employers and matchmaking for jobseekers.

You’ll spend as much time around your new employee as you will with your significant other. You’ve prepared a set of questions you’ll ask the candidate on the first interview. You hold core values you’re looking to find in that person. You have a type in mind (Foodie? Traveller? Gym rat? Tech whiz?) If you say you don’t, you’re probably lying.


You’ll need someone who will resist the temptation of leaving you for someone better. If that open spot on the other side of your bed looks like a revolving door, you’ve probably reeled in far too many weak matches. If word on the street is you’ve developed a reputation for lowering your standards, you’ll only attract lousy prospects, while the best candidates flock to your rival.


You’ll need someone who values the relationship as much as you do. You know your best qualities and what you provide, but unfortunately those offerings aren’t well-suited for certain people. If you consistently select weak matches who don’t appreciate what you’ve committed, those rookies won’t unlock the relationship’s potential.


If you’re interviewing the wrong candidate, (let them know it’s not the right fit and) swipe left! And if your organization can’t find the right candidate, visit to learn how Career Edge connects companies to diverse, qualified talent!