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Deloitte recently released its 2018 Millennial Survey. For the first time, the professional service firm included Gen Z in their report. Read some highlights:

Behaving Ethically

48% believe corporations behave ethically

Improving Society

47% believe business leaders are committed to helping improve society

Business Agendas

Approximately 75% feel businesses focus on their own agendas rather than considering the wider society

Making Money

Approximately 66% feel companies’ only ambition is making money

Measuring Success

83% of millennials and 80% of Gen Z think business success should be measured beyond financial performance

Primary Goals

27% of millennials holding positions on senior management teams or boards think profits should be companies’ primary goal

Positive Impact

44% of millennials believe business leaders are making a positive impact on the world

Millennial Loyalty/Turnover

43% expect to depart within two years and 28% expect to remain beyond five years

Gen Z Loyalty/Turnover

61% expect to depart within two years and 12% expect to remain beyond five years