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Nicola Henry, a skilled newcomer to Canada from Kingston, Jamaica, completed her Career Edge paid internship at RBC as a loan servicing analyst. After only two months into her six-month internship, RBC converted Nicola to a full-time, permanent employee. This is her letter of appreciation to her mentor Monica Downer, the RBC team, and everyone else who helped make it happen:

Hi Monica,
It was a merely a few months ago in 2018 that I was offered this priceless opportunity to be an intern at RBC with the Global Loans Administration (GLA) team. I am extremely grateful for every blessing that this opportunity has afforded me to this point.


When I started the internship, I will admit, I was quite unsure of what to expect. As time progressed, I learnt that the process of becoming truly adaptable in the Canadian workforce, is dependent on paying keen attention and asking questions, many times repeatedly. I also realised that the challenges I faced and even those I may still face, are only opportunities for me to rise.


Along this dynamic journey, if I began to acknowledge every person that has aided in my development, this letter would never end! I do however want to express my profound appreciation for those who assisted me, offered advice, gave tips and just offered an encouraging word when it was most needed. I would also want to single out our team, i.e. GLA Team 1. Thank you all for being so supportive as I still learn the ropes and continue to improve. I appreciate the spirit of team work that exists as we look out for each other when we need it most.


I want to personally thank you for offering advice both personally and professionally. Your candor is truly refreshing. It is really amazing that you give your team members an appropriate forum to express concerns and to give opinions and suggestions. This experience will always be one for the books as I will look back and reminisce on my first year in Canada.


Finally I want to express a big thank you to the Career Edge team for their support and guidance from beginning to end. Programmes such as this really help internationally qualified professionals like myself to become the best version of themselves and strive for success.


Continuous thanks & best wishes,



Nicola’s original letter