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Harkanwal Sra is a skilled newcomer from India who arrived in Canada in February. After completing only two months of his one-year Career Edge paid internship at Bell as a wireless accessories planning analyst, the award-winning telecommunications company hired him as a full-time, permanent employee. Harkanwal holds a Bachelor of Technology from Punjab Technical University and an MBA from the University of Oregon.

Harkanwal Sra, Wireless Accessories Planning Analyst, Bell

How did you hear about Career Edge?

Before moving to Canada, I had attended a webinar series on life in Canada which provided an insight into the various cultural aspects of Canada. Through this program, I came to know about the various organizations helping newcomers settle into their life in Canada – and Career Edge was mentioned as one of the highly successful organizations that had helped newcomers in starting their careers in Canada. As soon as I landed in Canada and settled in, I updated my information on the [Career Edge] website and started applying for the positions which fit my profile. Within a few days, I got an interview call for the position at Bell and within a couple of weeks from the interview, I started my job at Bell. Overall, Career Edge provided me an ideal platform to launch my career in Canada after about three weeks from landing in Canada.

Describe how you felt when you secured a Career Edge paid internship as a Wireless Accessories Planning Analyst at Bell.

When I received the call, I was overjoyed and thankful that I had managed to secure a start in the field of work I was interested in. I felt ready and eager to get started on this journey. It has been a great journey so far with lots of learning.

What has been your favorite thing about working at Bell?

The favorite part has been the opportunity to gain first-hand feel of Canadian corporate culture as well as the opportunity to work with people from different cultural backgrounds. I have team members who are from different parts of the world which has given me an opportunity to learn a little bit about their cultures as well. All in all, this opportunity has provided me first-hand insight into the multicultural and diverse society that Canada is becoming.

The role has also provided me an opportunity to engage with a number of teams in and outside of Bell and help build my professional network here in Canada. Another favorite of mine is an opportunity to work on the launch of new mobile devices – at least eight to 10 weeks in advance – which are going to be available in Bell and Virgin Mobile corporate stores.

How has Career Edge and Bell impacted your life in Canada?

Career Edge and this position at Bell have provided me an opportunity to establish a solid footing in Canada, which now I can build on, not only in the professional life but also personal life.

Describe how you felt when Bell hired you permanently after only interning there for two months.

When I was informed by my manager that Bell would be offering me the role on a full-time basis, I was overjoyed and felt vindicated in my belief that my international experience, skills, and education are easily transferable here.

What advice do you have for other skilled newcomers to Canada?

Please do thorough research before moving to Canada and be prepared to put in the hard yards!