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Which DIY Recruitment Costume Are You?

By October 4, 2018February 6th, 2024General

With Halloween approaching, you probably need some creative ideas for recruitment costumes. Whether you’re loud and dramatic or nurturing and supportive, we’ve got the perfect DIY outfits to showcase your inner recruiter.

Dress up as one of the recruitment essentials. Learn which DIY recruitment costume you are based on your recruiter archetype…



phone costume


If you’re the loud, dramatic, fast-talking recruiter, you’re the PHONE. Make a giant paper mache phone that you can comfortably fit inside by poking holes large enough for your head and limbs. You can replicate your desk phone with additional spray paint colours or draw a screen with your voicemail message written out.

Are you the fast-talking dynamo of the office? Embrace your inner chatterbox with the Phone costume! Craft a giant paper mache phone, decked out with spray paint colors and your voicemail message.

Materials needed: Balloons, liquid glue, newspapers, black spray paint, tape.


Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The ATS costume is your calling if you’re the supportive sidekick recruiter. Design an easel sign resembling the ATS interface, complete with your name proudly displayed. Get ready to support your team with style!

Materials needed: Spray paint, cardboard sheets.


(Swimming) Pool

Pool costume


If you’re the eccentric, fun, optimistic recruiter, you’re the POOL. You’re the water, so gather as many traditional backyard swimming toys as you can and wear them up and down your body. If you’re not in the mood for shopping, print and mummify yourself with resumes of fake strong candidates.

Dive into the festivities as the optimistic Pool recruiter! Deck yourself out in swimming gear and floaties, or wrap yourself in resumes for a quirky twist. Get ready to make a splash at the Halloween party!

Materials needed: Blue morphsuit, inflatable floaties, snorkelling gear, rubber ducks (optional)


linkedin costume

If you’re the social, constantly-on-their-personal-phone recruiter, you’re the LINKEDIN. Find a huge square cardboard box and paint the LinkedIn logo on all sides. Like the phone, you need to comfortably fit inside so poke holes large enough for your head and limbs. You earn bonus points if you bring toy mice and build a board assembled of only keys.

Are you the social media-savvy recruiter? Step into the spotlight as LinkedIn!

Fashion a cardboard box into the iconic LinkedIn logo with cutouts for your head and limbs. Don’t forget to bring your A-game and some toy mice for extra flair!

Materials needed: Cardboard box, blue and white spray paint.

Purple Squirrel

If you’re fearless, like to stand out from the crowd, with a ‘hey-look-at-me recruiter‘ attitude, you’re the PURPLE SQUIRREL.

Craft a larger-than-life tail and let your coworkers chase you around the office. Get ready to turn heads and steal the spotlight!

Materials needed: Purple morphsuit, newspapers, cotton balls, tape, purple spray paint.

There you have it, folks! Get ready to rock the office Halloween competition with these DIY recruiter costumes. Whether you’re loud and dramatic or fearless and unique, there’s a costume that perfectly matches your recruiting style. Let the Halloween fun begin! 🎃✨