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This is a snippet about our employer partners found in our 2017/18 Annual Review. In the full version, you can read about the growing gig economy, Gen Z, our candidates, and more!

What is the top reason employers hired Career Edge interns?

Corporate Social Responsibility

Quality of Candidates


Other: Value of service, Filling specific roles, Low-risk recruitment

What did employers share about the Career Edge team?
Strong shortlisting and coordination
Deep and knowledgeable understanding of employer needs
Quick responses and timely follow-up
Exceptional customer service
Always available for assistance

One-On-One Support

Employers said their assigned Career Edge client services director and talent specialist added value to the hiring process

Video Screening

Employers that watched Career Edge’s video interviews said the additional screening stage added value to the hiring process

Employers rated the quality of their Career Edge interns an average of 8 out of 10