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Recently graduated or moved to Canada? If you’re going on interviews or attending networking events, you must master the art of handshaking. In recognition of National Handshake Day, our team offers their best handshaking etiquette tips, so never again will you lose the job before the interview even begins.

“Make sure the handshake is one shake and it’s firm.”


Tamara Stone

Payroll and Administrative Coordinator


Aziz Smailagic

Manager, Client Services

“DO NOT offer up your left hand for the shake!”

“Fist bump instead because of germs! Just kidding. Be sure to look the person in the eye as you shake their hand and be firm with your grip.”


Jeff Lazenby

Vice President, Business Development


Patricia Evans

Director, Client Services

“Provided you are able to, STAND up to shake someone’s hand. A sit-down shake is the worst. It looks lazy and it can be awkward.”

“Appreciate the handshake moment! Make sure to smile and make eye contact. It shows that you appreciate the opportunity of meeting or seeing that person again.”


Leo Batista

Manager, IT


Joshua Go

Campus Engagement Coordinator

“Firm grasp! Three pumps is enough. Also, hold your drink in your left hand to keep your shaking (right) hand dry.”

“No fist bumps. Or high-fives. Or any other form of a hand greeting. If you’re meeting someone for the first time – especially professionally – a handshake is the way to go.”


Jumana Baker

Marketing Design Specialist