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“The process went by pretty quickly. It felt meant to be.”

Immigrating from Nigeria with a bachelor’s in computer science and an MBA, Planning For Canada referred Blessing Nnachi to Career Edge’s paid internship program.

The family decision left a bittersweet feeling, but she saw relocation as an adventure. And shortly after landing, she was already starting her four-month internship as a sales lead generation specialist at Commerx, an IT solutions partner. In what she described as the “perfect work culture fit”, she shadowed peers, set goals, and received accounts. After four months, Commerx hired her on full-time as an account manager.

According to Blessing, Commerx retained her permanently because they knew she could do even more for the company.

Blessing said she enjoyed the Career Edge video interview process, which allowed her to showcase her personality and soft skills to Career Edge’s partner employers.

“It felt like the Career Edge team would actually help towards finding a job, rather than just providing links to job postings.”

Blessing Nnachi

Blessing Nnachi

Now as an account manager, she continues generating demand and retention through marketing and sales campaigns, while providing technology consultation to clients. Blessing’s also working toward a certificate in business analysis and data science from Sheridan College.

While her time in Canada is still in its infancy, she knows her paid internship soothed the transition.

“It definitely made integrating easier. Not having to obsess day and night about whether or not you would find a job, and being able to get into the workforce, made settling down easier.”

She believes internships aren’t exclusive to youth.

“Experienced professionals may be put off by an ‘internship’ years, or maybe even decades into their careers, but it is truly a good way to gain Canadian experience and prove your worth.”

It’s no surprise Blessing proved her worth so quickly – it was probably meant to be.