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Maxim Sorokin immigrated to Canada with an MBA, four years of work experience, and a self-imposed deadline of finding work within four months. The bilingual candidate said he struggled in his new home, before learning he needed to “introduce himself to the world” to succeed.

“Like most newcomers, I had a hard time finding myself in this new country. I realized, that a key to success is not sitting at home.”

Maxim Sorokin | IQP, Career Edge alumni (2017)

Maxim joined a job search program at his local welcome center which referred him to Career Edge.

“Career Edge’s team was great, very welcoming, and helpful. They provided me the opportunity to connect with their network of companies.”

He shared Brand Momentum’s values and company mission statement, and became their newest junior project manager – meeting his four-month deadline. Maxim’s paid internship improved his English and understanding of Canadian work ethics and culture. He said he applied his Russian work experience to connect with his new Canadian co-workers, establishing himself as a professional.

It’s been more than a year since Maxim completed his Career Edge internship at Brand Momentum – it’s also been more than a year since Brand Momentum hired him full-time, launching his career. Now on a different team, he works as a data analyst, while maintaining a warm relationship with his Career Edge coach.

Since arriving in Canada, he’s got a car, found an apartment, and learned to snowboard. Now, he wants to invite his parents to visit him here, and to travel to Whistler, B.C.

After leaving his home overseas, and then his first Canadian residence, Maxim’s choices haven’t left him looking back.

“Sometimes it feels like my life in Russia was a century ago, and I have no regrets!”