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Where Are They Now: Anitha Haridas

By | Alumni, Success Story

A love for chocolate instilled by her parents sent her on a journey filled with perseverance, promotion, and more love.

She learned how to knit from YouTube so she could send out resumés in small, yellow onesies. She thought creative application packages aligning with companies’ brands would generate return calls. She was right, but fate directed her elsewhere. Read More

success story

Success Story: Tahmina Naznen

By | Alumni, Success Story

“You’re more important than you think.”

That’s what a paid internship at LifeSpeak taught Tahmina Naznen.

Immigrating from Bangladesh, Tahmina arrived in Canada with a master’s in computer science and four years of experience. For six months, she struggled to secure permanent, meaningful work, losing confidence. Read More


Getting Hired Before Graduation

By | Alumni, Jobseeker

Almost every graduating student knows a classmate who’s secured a job before graduation. How do they do it? They start early, like Domenic Sgambelluri, Career Edge’s Alumni of the Month for October 2017.

Before his exams began, his internship coordinator posted a role through Career Edge.

Two weeks later, he signed a contract.

On the first Monday after classes finished, he became Loblaw Companies’ newest talent acquisition specialist. Read More

Success Story: Maxim Sorokin

By | Alumni, Success Story

Maxim Sorokin immigrated to Canada with an MBA, four years of work experience, and a self-imposed deadline of finding work within four months. The bilingual candidate said he struggled in his new home, before learning he needed to “introduce himself to the world” to succeed. Read More

Nada Bibi

By | Alumni


Career Edge Role: Administration Coordinator, Wireless Lab at Bell Canada

Alumni of the Month: December

“My post-graduation job search definitely carried me through a rollercoaster of emotions. The difficulty isn’t just finding a job and moving on to the next chapter of your life… that would be the simplest part of the frustrating congratulations-you-graduated package.

But this frustrating package comes in a combination: there’s a side of reassuring your family that you’ll find a job, another side of dealing with the mismatch between the industry wanting experience but not wanting to give you that experience, and finally the main course of maintaining your sanity, self-esteem, and determination.

I felt relieved when Bell called to hire me! The role was diverse, and it had an equal balance of enjoyability and challenge. I was interested in the different aspects of responsibilities that the job brought, whether it was high-pressure or simple.

There was never a dull moment! The components of coordination, conflict resolution, and communication management between employees, departments, and vendors were the main hooks for me.

Career Edge was very helpful and positive. Their team genuinely cared about my success with landing a job!”


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Shahab Alam

By | Alumni, CAF


Career Edge Role: Business Management Analyst at TD Bank Group

Alumni of the Month: November

“I underestimated the transferability of skills that could be brought to the workplace from seven years of service in the Canadian Armed Forces, doing what I loved in the infantry. I realized I was utilizing project management skills everyday in the military, and could translate them into an amazing career in IT Project Management.

I worked with Career Edge to sell myself with these skills and found an amazing internship with TD Bank as a Business Management Analyst. This position had me working with a mentor within a completely new industry, coaching me to become successful in the IT field.

Following my internship, I was offered a position that required three to five years of experience. I only had one. I’m now on my way to a rewarding civilian career, still doing what I love.”

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Domenic Sgambelluri

By | Alumni


Career Edge Role: Talent Acquisition Specialist Intern at Loblaw Companies Limited

Alumni of the Month: October

“During the final month of my HR Management program, my internship coordinator posted a Talent Acquisition Specialist role with Loblaw Companies Limited through Career Edge which I applied for. Two weeks later, I had a signed offer with a start date for the first Monday after the completion of my classes.

To receive an offer from Canada’s largest retailer to work in my field of study before final exams was an amazing feeling, made possible by Career Edge.

I spent the next year as a Career Edge intern and Canada-wide Talent Acquisition Specialist. This experience allowed me the opportunity to secure a Talent Acquisition Specialist position with The City of Brampton starting October 2017.

Thanks to Career Edge, I earned amazing work experience that launched my career in human resources.”


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