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What Our Recruiters Love

By | Jobseeker

Don’t know what our recruiters want when they screen applications? For Valentine’s Day, our talent acquisition team lets you in on what impresses them when they review submissions. So, when you’re applying for your next job, remember these!
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Her Love for Helping Others

By | Jobseeker

[This week’s blog comes from Megan Weales, Digital Community Coordinator at the University of Ontario of Institute of Technology’s Student Life department!]

Your first love might not be your last love. This is true in more than just relationships; it is true about your career, too. When I was 17 years old, I fell in love with the idea of helping people. At that point in time, helping people, to me, meant that I should become a social worker. I applied and accepted my offer to attend Trent University for Social Work. Read More

CBC Radio

CBC Persons with Disabilities Pilot Project

By | Employer, Jobseeker

“It’s refreshing to know that there are employers out there who recognize the diverse talents that people with disabilities bring to the workplace.”

Our bilingual talent specialist, Mahta Molatalab, said she was delighted to help a national organization demonstrate its leadership in diversity and inclusion initiatives. Read More

mental health awareness

Let’s Talk Mental Health: Jimmy Huynh’s Story

By | General

Everyone feels differently. Mine feels like custom-tailored clouds smothering and weighing down my five-foot, seven-inch frame, challenging me to cling on to my to-do list – that’s long enough to scrape the bottom of a bottomless ocean – from slipping away. I feel this every day. It’s like the ocean is the North Atlantic, the list is Rose DeWitt Bukater, and I’m Jack Dawson – but unlike him (spoiler alert!), I’m here, alive and well. Read More

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