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Why is Career Edge important to me? By Aziz Smailagić

By General

Over the coming months, hear stories right from our very own staff about why Career Edge and the work that they do is so important to them.


Aziz Smailagić

Director, Client Services

My relationship and connection to Career Edge extends far beyond employee-employer. The organization was once the guiding light that led my own career search as a recent graduate, and now I have the opportunity to help others find their light as well.

Before you are truly in the job search (whether in school, in another country, or still exploring your interests) the search seems like something that cannot be too hard, right?

“There are job postings all over the internet, surely someone will hire me, right?”

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Why is Career Edge important to me? By Jeff Lazenby

By General

Over the next months, hear stories right from our very own staff about why Career Edge and the work that they do is so important to them.


Jeff Lazenby

Executive Director

What makes Career Edge special? In wanting to tell the story of what makes Career Edge special, the only place I could start is with the staff at Career Edge and the work that they do every day. Since I joined Career Edge, the one constant is the dedication of the staff who, day in and day out, all strive to make a difference in someone else’s life. Seeing their efforts every day to help someone overcome a barrier to finding meaningful employment is nothing short of heroic. Every moment of their day is singularly focused on making a difference to someone they barely know.  To have a front row seat to witness it makes it more special.

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Personal Finances – Things I wish I had paid more attention to post-graduation

By Jobseeker
For many years while I was in school, and even after I graduated, I did not pay too much attention to my finances. I did not properly save up to pay off my student loans at the time, and after I got my first job, all I obsessed over was saving enough money to pay it all off.  Looking back now, I definitely could have started getting into the habit of saving money and exploring the different options I had much earlier.  So, here are some things I wish I had paid more attention to, before and post graduation, that could help you. Read More

Virtual Trade Show Event for Diversifying Supply Chains & Celebrating Inclusivity

By Employer

This year, the OCC is using its convening power to address the equity gap in business with the Business Diversity Economic Expo, a business to business virtual trade show and networking event, putting a spotlight on businesses which are Black-owned, Indigenous-owned, People of Colour-owned, Women-owned, LGBTQ2+-owned, and businesses owned by People with Disabilities.  The OCC is inviting procurement officers and supply chain leaders from large private sector, public sector and academic institutions to attend and meet with business owners – and we’re excited to share that Career Edge will be exhibiting at the Business Diversity Economic Expo 2020 on October 22, October 28 and November 17! Read More

It’s Time to Stop Celebrating Diversity

By Employer

We need to stop celebrating diversity in the workplace. Yes, you read that right – we need to stop celebrating diversity. Here is why – diversity in the workplace is powerful, influential, engaging…but only if it is being tapped and utilized. If we do not use the skills and perspectives and experiences our diverse teams offer to create better products and services, then our diversity becomes a vanity statistic; a data point that makes us feel better and has no real impact.

So, how can we tap into diversity? Read More

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