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move out

When will you move out?

By Jobseeker

If the thought of living at your parents’ house forever is discouraging, ask yourself:

What’ll my kids think when I raise them in their grandparents’ house?”

This is the multi-generational household.

According to a recent Statistics Canada report, in the last 16 years, Canadian households with at least three generations of the same family, grew 38 per cent.

So, at what age should you move out of your parents’ home? The more relevant question – at what age can you? Read More

best employers

Career Edge Employers on Indeed’s Top 25

By General, Jobseeker

For the first time, the job site Indeed released a list of the 25 best places to work in Canada, 14 of which Career Edge has placed an intern at, including every employer in the top five (RBC, Toronto Transit Commission, TELUS, General Motors, and Hospital for Sick Children).

The comprehensive survey conducted by Indeed analyzed feedback from over 600,000 Canadian employees spanning the period from June 2015 to May 2017. To qualify for consideration, companies had to accumulate a minimum of 50 reviews. The assessment was structured around five key categories, namely pay & benefits, work-life balance, workplace advancement, internal growth opportunities, and management & culture.

For interns placed at these esteemed institutions, the experience goes beyond mere professional development. It offers a glimpse into the inner workings of some of Canada’s most revered companies, providing invaluable insights and networking opportunities. Moreover, interns benefit from exposure to diverse workplace cultures and management styles, enriching their overall learning experience.

The collaboration between Career Edge and these best employers serves as a testament to our shared commitment to excellence. Through our tailored internship programs, we empower individuals to embark on rewarding career journeys while enabling organizations to access top-tier talent. This symbiotic relationship fosters a win-win scenario, where interns gain valuable skills and experiences, and employers reap the benefits of fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

As we celebrate the recognition of these best employers, Career Edge remains steadfast in its mission to connect talented individuals with meaningful employment opportunities. Our dedication to facilitating internships at top-ranked organizations underscores our unwavering commitment to empowering individuals and driving organizational success. With Career Edge, the pathway to professional growth and fulfillment is within reach, paving the way for a brighter future for both interns and employers alike.

apply early

Timing is everything: Apply early to arrive early

By Jobseeker

A job search isn’t much different from finding ‘the one.’

You loved your first job but your friends and family didn’t approve. You loved your summer job but you knew it wouldn’t last. You applied to 50 jobs and received one interview. You got excited when they called you back for a second-round interview after the first. The internet always sends you recommended jobs based on your preferences. You’re in competition with international candidates for jobs. Read More

smart use of LinkedIn

10 Important P’s of LinkedIn

By Jobseeker

LinkedIn has quickly become the go-to social networking platform for job seekers and hiring personnel. As a job seeker, you may feel intimidated by its capabilities and potential dangers, but creating a LinkedIn profile is valuable, and almost essential during a job search. It’s your digital, job-seeking identity. These are ten important P’s of LinkedIn, for job seekers: Read More


It’s a start of an era: Tips for Recent Graduates

By Jobseeker

Career Edge will always be here for you!

For recent graduates, late June may appear to be the ‘end of an era.’ You’re trading in your sweatpants for a suit or blazer. You’re trading your red cup for a cover letter and resumé. You’re trading your late-night Thursdays outings for early-morning weekends online.

If these sound daunting, and the rain starts to pour, Career Edge will always be here for you. Read More

student debt

Paying Off Student Debt with a Paid Internship

By Jobseeker

Five years ago on this day, more than 500 protesters were arrested in Montreal – most were students protesting tuition fee increases. After plans to hike tuition were halted, it was considered a victory for Quebec students. But, how is the rest of the Canadian student population handling rising tuition rates? And how will graduating students pay off their student loans?

A report released in July 2015 by the Canadian University Survey Consortium surveyed 18,144 graduating students from 36 universities.

The report stated that the average student debt is $26,819. It also reported that 55% of new graduates have no work experience in their chosen field of employment. Read More

best employers

Canada’s Top Employers for Young People (2017)

By Jobseeker

As the unofficial new grad job-hunt month continues, read about the initiatives of Career Edge’s host employers appearing on Canada’s Top Employers for Young People (2017) below.

If you’re a new graduate who is interested in starting your career with one of these leading employers, register today to check out Career Edge’s exciting opportunities. Career Edge recently placed an intern who was less than three months out of school at RBC as a Junior Business Analyst. Read More

ACCES Employment Launches Online Job Search Centre Providing a Virtual ‘Hub’ of Resources for Job seekers

By Jobseeker

Our partner, ACCES Employment recently announced the launch of a new Online Job Search Centre that will provide job seekers with self-serve resources including webinars, articles, interactive games, and videos.  The resources draw from ACCES Employment’s experience helping jobseekers and newcomers to Canada to successfully find work in the current Canadian job market.  The Centre is organized into six topic areas including: Resumes, Interview Preparation, Networking, The Canadian Job Market, Career Self-Assessment, and Workplace Success.  The Centre is generously supported through a (CAD) $1.4 million grant from Accenture (2016) and contributes to the project’s larger goal which is to create an end-to-end online services platform at ACCES Employment that will provide job search services and programs to more than 56,000 new Canadians seeking employment over the next two years.

Click here to visit the Online Job Search Centre now!

Mentoring Newcomers

The Importance of Mentoring Newcomers in Canada

By Jobseeker

Mentoring Newcomers is such an essential element of our mission at Career Edge. Here is why…

In every stage of our life, we embrace some torchbearers who show the path. They may either be parents, teachers, leaders, senior peer groups, colleagues, friends or others.  Parents embed the norms of behaviour and code of conduct in our blood, which can simply be said as ‘Charity begins at home.’ Afterwards, our ‘SHIKKHAGURU’, that is, ‘teachers’ in educational institutions, shape our lives to materialize our aims and to be good human beings. Peer groups, colleagues, friends, and others also help reconcile the ups and downsides of practical and career life and advise how we can rectify our norms or behaviour to achieve a desired result. We are facing many bumps, from starting education in primary school to a work life in a work culture that is well known to all of us.

Read More