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Why hire a Canadian Armed Forces Reservist?

By CAF, Employer

Does your organization or team lack a competitive edge?
Need someone disciplined and reliable, who can work in a fast-paced, pressure-filled environment with time management skills? Someone who can adapt on-the-fly and has experience managing teams through leadership and instructional experiences? A quick-thinker and quick-learner who can follow instructions and accept constructive criticism with a positive attitude? Someone who can seamlessly integrate into your organization or team to provide that competitive edge?

Project Manager David Calconi, C.D., has served as a Reservist for over 18 years. He recognizes the value they offer to employers.
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Looking to escape by booking a quick getaway? Why not win one instead.

By Employer

Golden Gate Bridge. Comic-Con. Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Caesars Palace. Central Park.

With less than two months before the contest closing date, you can still earn a chance to visit one of these attractions by making an impact.

As an extra incentive to join the ongoing Hire 150 Interns project and accept the challenge, Career Edge is offering any organization – new or current – signing up to hire an intern between January 1 and June 30, an entry to win a trip courtesy of the HRPA. Read More

Join us at the Cannexus16 National Career Development Conference

By Employer


The Cannexus16 National Career Development Conference is taking place January 25-27, 2016 at the Shaw Centre in OttawaMembers of supporting organizations benefit from a 5% discount.

Canada’s largest bilingual National Career Development Conference will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2016, making this conference one that you do not want to miss! Join 800 of your peers to exchange information and explore innovative approaches in career development.

Delegates will be informed and inspired by four game-changing keynotes:

  • Spencer Niles, Dean & Professor, School of Education, The College of William and Mary
  • Ratna Omidvar, Executive Director, Global Diversity Exchange
  • The Honourable Justice Murray Sinclair, Chair, Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada
  • Wab Kinew, Writer, Journalist, Honourary Truth and Reconciliation Commission Witness

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Using CETS video interviews to fast track your New Year’s hiring

By Employer

It has been one year since we introduced Career Edge Talent Screening (CETS), an innovative web-based video screening service that allows us to assess, qualify and administer all incoming candidates.

“CETS has revolutionized our registrant intake and screening processes,” said Graham Sogawa, Vice President of Recruitment and Partnerships at Career Edge. “Through the video interviews, we get a deeper understanding our candidates’ skills and career objectives, and can match them more effectively with current and future internship opportunities.”

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Do interns get time off to vote?

By Employer

For many young people and those with newly acquired Canadian citizenship, October 19th will be the first time they have the opportunity to exercise their democratic right by casting a vote in a federal election. As first-timers, many of these people may not be aware of the time they are entitled to take, as an elector. Read More

Attract The Right “Fit” With Your Company’s Culture

By Workplace Culture

In its Code of Conduct, Google self-identifies as a dog company. Zappos, online shoes and clothes retailer, considers creating “fun and a little weirdness” one of its company core values. Virgin allows its staff to take as many vacation days as they want. These three companies, who have been consistently voted as some of the best companies to work at, are among the many employers who are striving to effectively define their company’s corporate culture, in order to attract and retain the right kind of talent for their organization.

Creating and communicating a company culture that positively reflects your organization boils down to one critical question: what does the organization value above all else?

By identifying the key principals and standards that the organization upholds, employers are able to foster a company culture that not only showcases these values, but also aligns with the overall corporate image. As one of Zappos’s core values is creating “fun and a little weirdness,” for example, it can be assumed that its corporate culture is non-traditional, open and creative.

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team play

Teams that play together, stay together

By Workplace Culture

Studies have shown that greater employee engagement has a significant, positive influence on work quality and revenue, and company-sponsored team play or sports teams are a great way to make that happen.

The Toronto 2015 Pan Am games are in full swing and have captured the fervor of sports fans across the country, as they root for their favourite teams and athletes. In the corporate world, company leaders try to inspire the same level of fandom and engagement in the office, rather than the stadium.

Here are great benefits of how a team playing together can impact the company culture:

1. Teamwork:

Promoting team spirit in the office and on the field increases morale and camaraderie among employees, and unites them towards a common goal: winning. Whether looking to win a game or sign a new client, having a supportive team to share successes with makes the achievement all the more meaningful.

Additionally, teaming up to participate in a fun activity creates an excellent opportunity for networking and casual collaboration, which translates well to a business setting.

2. Coaching:

Behind every good team is a good coach. Coaches have a wealth of knowledge and a strong ability to effectively transfer it to their players. They also have a knack for assigning roles based on players’ strengths and abilities, and how those fit into a larger gameplay strategy.

Allowing employees to coach a team also develops their management skills, while building the confidence of each player when their talents are recognized.

3. Goals and Rewards:

Winning is usually the ultimate goal of most sports, but we’re not all Harlem Globetrotters. Setting realistic, achievable goals – for the team and individuals – and rewarding performance is vital to maintaining a high level of motivation. Whether it’s a gleaming golden trophy or a simple high five, recognition of a job well done is valued by employees, regardless of whether they scored the goal, made the assist, or delivered a solid defensive play.

4. Wellness:

Promoting physical activity through a company sports team fits nicely into corporate wellness programs. Better yet, healthy employees are typically more productive and have lower levels of absenteeism, resulting in higher performance on the job.

5. Retention:

Turnover rates drop dramatically when employees are engaged and feel proud of the company they work for. Giving employees the opportunity to fight for the home team will grow your internal fan base, and keep your star players from being drafted elsewhere.

Summer is a great time to encourage your employees to team up and get active. Whether the team play softball or ultimate Frisbee or cheers on their co-workers from the sidelines, team sports will help foster greater levels of engagement and grow team spirit within your company.

Need more champions on your team? Hire a Career Edge intern.

Get the Most Out of Your Summer Interns

By Employer

As the temperature outside rises, employers are warming up to the summer internship season; but four months doesn’t always leave much time to make a real dent in many of those seasonal projects.

There are plenty of articles that provide interns with tips to succeed during their internship, but there are also a few things that employers can do to create an environment that inspires optimal performance from their enthusiastic, highly motivated intern during their internship term.

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Why Paid Internships Matter: Cultivating Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

By Employer

The recent global recession threw the economy a curveball, which forced companies to reduce their personnel significantly. Now, with the Baby Boomers beginning to exit the workforce en masse, a labour crisis is fast approaching, and Canadian businesses must compete with emerging global markets to attract, recruit, and retain the talent needed for socio-economic sustainability well into the future.

In the TED Talk, “The workforce crisis of 2030 — and how to start solving it now,” Rainer Strack, of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), highlights this projected labour shortage in Canada, and in the world’s 15 largest economies, over the next 15 years.

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Champions of Immigrant Success Award

By Employer

Are you a champion of Immigrant Employment? If you answer yes, apply or submit a nomination for a TRIEC Immigrant Success Award, sponsored by RBC.

Nominations are now open for the TRIEC IS Award: RBC Champions of Immigrant Success. Up to four winners will be selected for: 1) their extraordinary leadership in immigrant employment; 2) the positive impact of their work on both skilled immigrants in the GTA and their own or other businesses; and 3) the sustainability of their initiative(s).

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